Welcome to the Australian home of the Hippy Hippy Snap! A trim, hip snapping nappy. With the slim line look, and no wing droop of a side snap, but without the fight trying to get it on baby! The HHS fastens towards the front like a front fastening nappy.

I am a licensed Hippy Hippy Snap seamstress. This pattern has been tried, tested and loved by hundreds of babies... go on, why don't you give one a go?

Email me at pam@ ikiscloth.com.au (no spaces) for custom orders.

I am also an approved Fattycakes seamstress!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The best place to be born...

I am so sad that the photo didn't turn out.., oh well, hopefully we get a cute NB modelling shot in a few days!! ;)

Look at those teeny tiny leg holes.. perfect for scrawny NB chicken legs, and full bottom coverage to contain those lovely breastfed poos (or number 3's, lol).

Another big sis, lil' sis set

Two gorgeous fattycakes - small and medium. So sweet!
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