Welcome to the Australian home of the Hippy Hippy Snap! A trim, hip snapping nappy. With the slim line look, and no wing droop of a side snap, but without the fight trying to get it on baby! The HHS fastens towards the front like a front fastening nappy.

I am a licensed Hippy Hippy Snap seamstress. This pattern has been tried, tested and loved by hundreds of babies... go on, why don't you give one a go?

Email me at pam@ ikiscloth.com.au (no spaces) for custom orders.

I am also an approved Fattycakes seamstress!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Success and some questions...

All in all it was a successful first stocking! There were no great dramas - some postal calculator issues (which were my fault as I'd entered weights incorrectly) and an admin email address issue (please send emails to pam@ ikiscloth.com.au)... but I was pleased with how it all went! Nearly all packages have now been sent out. I'd love some more action shots for the gallery and reviews *hint hint*. There are still some pocket nappies left... This gorgeous paisley medium hippy hippy snap is one that I thought would be snapped up. It's a shame it's not a large or I'd keep it for my daughter! Pockets seem to be a little out of vogue, with AI2's being more popular, however pockets are all I use. They make nappy changes easier and messy poo clean ups a breeze.

I am also working on the details for a new, budget friendly product line - and would love your input! I want to know if you would prefer stay dry topped (suedecloth) or bamboo velour topped boosters on a OSFM all in two system. You can vote on the ikis cloth facebook fanpage here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=142672&id=162405358315&ref=mf or just put your thoughts in the comments section under this post.


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