Welcome to the Australian home of the Hippy Hippy Snap! A trim, hip snapping nappy. With the slim line look, and no wing droop of a side snap, but without the fight trying to get it on baby! The HHS fastens towards the front like a front fastening nappy.

I am a licensed Hippy Hippy Snap seamstress. This pattern has been tried, tested and loved by hundreds of babies... go on, why don't you give one a go?

Email me at pam@ ikiscloth.com.au (no spaces) for custom orders.

I am also an approved Fattycakes seamstress!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Success and some questions...

All in all it was a successful first stocking! There were no great dramas - some postal calculator issues (which were my fault as I'd entered weights incorrectly) and an admin email address issue (please send emails to pam@ ikiscloth.com.au)... but I was pleased with how it all went! Nearly all packages have now been sent out. I'd love some more action shots for the gallery and reviews *hint hint*. There are still some pocket nappies left... This gorgeous paisley medium hippy hippy snap is one that I thought would be snapped up. It's a shame it's not a large or I'd keep it for my daughter! Pockets seem to be a little out of vogue, with AI2's being more popular, however pockets are all I use. They make nappy changes easier and messy poo clean ups a breeze.

I am also working on the details for a new, budget friendly product line - and would love your input! I want to know if you would prefer stay dry topped (suedecloth) or bamboo velour topped boosters on a OSFM all in two system. You can vote on the ikis cloth facebook fanpage here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=142672&id=162405358315&ref=mf or just put your thoughts in the comments section under this post.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The website is live!

Check it out...

Almost all stock is previewing and will go live on Thursday, 28th January at 8pm NSW time.

It's been so fun sewing up this stock, hopefully there is something there that tickles your fancy.

Please let me know what you think of the site - the good, the bad and the ugly ;) I always welcome constructive criticism!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Owls and Cows

For Susan. Medium fattycakes pocket in cows poly PUL. Has a lovely stretch and is nice and soft!

A gorgeous large Hippy Hippy Snap pocket, with minky inner. Totally lush! There will be one exactly like this at the stocking as well, and a medium AI2 with white microchamois inner.

What a silly sausage

I just had a lovely late night chuckle at Sausage Mama's naming and description of her new cloth pads. She certainly has brought out the personality of each pad!

You know what, I DO actually snort when I laugh. It has to be over something very funny though... or not :/

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Congratulations to our comp winner!

Remeber the ikis cloth facebook fanpage competition? Here is the custom order that Alisha came up with. A medium fattycakes with crazy dot minky outer, lime microchamois inner pocket.

I'll use this opportunity to showcase the ikis cloth pocket opening style. Ikis cloth pockets use a modifed welt sytyle opening. It is wide enough to get your hand and insert in comfortably, but not gapey. It is high enough in the back that it won't be right on the 'poo zone', and the modified welt style protects the opening from any poo finding its way inside the pocket. It has an inner flap that is sewn down to keep the insert tucked inside the pocket.

There are two types of pocket inserts available. The insert that comes standard with pockets is a 2 layer bamboo trifold, creating six thirsty layers when folded. The contoured insert is available as an upgrade, and is for those who don't like folding trifolds, want a trimmer nappy and don't mind a little extra drying time. The contour consists of two flaps with three layers of bamboo fleece in each, triple stitched together at the top. Each flap is quilted for trimness and to help it keep its shape.

The ikis mini booster is available as an added extra, and is a three layer contour. This clever booster snaps onto the pocket and All in Two inserts, to prevent it moving around and make changes easier. It is contoured to provide more absorbency where you need it - towards the front for boys, or twist it around for girls or back sleeping babies.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sausage mama, make some room in your draw...

Because you have some mama pads coming your way!

Four kiki petite liners... I reached the upload limit for this post, so couldn't post the tops of these lovely liners - but the pictures are on the facebook fanpage.

Six kiki regular pads. My favourite is the far right one, with the sushi menu print. There is something that makes me giggle about the though of having sushi in my undies ;)

Six kiki post partum/nights. I <3>

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hippy hippy snap heaven

Five medium long Hippy Hippy Snaps (this is not a size I will be stocking, but can make for custom orders).

The butterfly poly PUL is a pocket nappy, and the others are AI2's. My poor 22 month old DD has such a boring stash - I had to rescue the elephant poly PUL nappy from her, as she had a huge tantrum wanting to be changed into it after I'd finished it! I've added one into the stock sewing just for her <3

Please excuse the sloppy positioning of the nappies - Hippy Hippy Snap AI2's are hard to position nicely for photographs, but they are an awesome fit (and not wonky like they look in the pictures, I swear!).

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